health benefits of green chillies

Green chillies is considered as one of the best spices used in Kitchen as they add a unique flavor and taste to meals. Many people eat raw, fried or roasted green chili along with the salad and as a side dish in the main meals. Green chillies are hot and spicy however, it has amazing health benefits that we aren’t aware of.

Green chillies are rich sources of antioxidants and this makes them act like janitors of the body. They can protect the body against free radical damage giving you natural immunity to cancer and also slowing down the ageing process.

Indian green chillies are rich sources of Vitamin C. You might have noticed that having chillies helps you open up your blocked nostrils. The Vitamin C in green chillies strengthens your natural immunity to diseases.

Green chillies peppers are also rich in Vitamin E that is essential for producing certain natural skin oils. It is said that green chillies are good anti-oxidants, good for skin as they help fight against acne and pimples.

All the good things that you get from the chillies come at the cost of no calories. Chillies have zero calories and thus you can have them even when you are on a diet to lose weight.

Green chili is known to repair the tissues, helps in production of new blood cells and helps in keeping the bones healthy and strong.

Green Chillies is important for men as it helps prevent the body from Prostate Cancer – a very common Cancer among men.

According to some studies, green chilies are responsible of reduction in blood sugar levels and can be a boon to diabetics.

Green chillies have plenty of dietary fibres. Contrary to common conceptions, eating chillies actually help you digest your food faster.

Green chillies release endorphins (hormone for feeling good) into the human brain that helps improve good mood.

Green chilies are rich source of vital nutrients, they helps in preventing stomach cancer and other stomach related problems.

We still don’t know how, but having green chillies has been linked with a lowered risk of having lung cancer. Smokers should watch out for this point considering they are smoking up their lungs every day.

Green Chillies can help treat skin infections thanks to their anti-bacterial properties. Regular consumption of Green Chillies can reduce and prevent different kinds of infections in our body.

Green chillies are healthy for Indian women as well as for those who are prone to iron deficiency. Green chillies are a natural source of iron.

TIP: Green chillies are always better than adding red chilli powder to the food. So it is recommended to add fresh green chilies to the diet daily.

NOTE: Although Green chilies have more positive health benefits but before loading them into your meal, remember that there are possible negatives as well. So the midway to reap the benefits is to consume it in moderation. Excess of everything is bad.