Google Person Finder – Uttarakhand Floods


In an effort to help find those missing and affected by the flood in Uttarakhand Google has launched its Person Finder Application in India. It’s is a popular online tool that enables users to post and search for the status of friends and relatives affected by a disaster. It has proven quite helpful after several disasters across the world including the recent Boston bomb blast and devastating earthquake and tsunamis in Japan.

“Since last week, the state of Uttarakhand in India has been grappling with severe floods. Given that most of these areas are highly inaccessible and have intermittent communication, we in the Google Crisis Response team are opening up Person Finder — a tool that can help trace the missing people in flood impacted regions of Uttarakhand,” says Google


Google Person Finder


This tool is very easy to use. There are two options (as shown on above screenshot) one to find a missing person and the other option is to share information about a person. If you want to search for someone, just click on the green box and any information relating to that person would showup on the results. If you need to share some information about someone just click on the blue one and you type in the name of the person and the family name and fill in the details. All the information shared through this tool is available to the public and shared with press agencies, NGOs and others to help keep the database up-to-date.

You can access the application here

Or you can simply click -> Person Finder

Google has also shared the emergency numbers listed on the National Disaster Management Authority, and people can call on the following numbers to get an update.

Uttarkashi: (+91) 1374-226461
Chamoli: (+91) 1372-251437, 9411352136
Rudraprayag: (+91) 1364-233727, 9412914875
Tehri: (+91) 1376-233433, 9411548090
Kedarnath: (+91) 1364-233727
Control Room (Uttarakhand): (+91) 135-2710334, 9557444486

We hope Person Finder helps people get the latest information about their near and dear ones in these flood affected areas.

To know more on how the Person Finder works, click here.

  • Alpha

    R.I.P everyone who died in this disaster. :( Heard that your Indian Army is doing a great job out there! This finder tool helped a lot in the recent bomb blast I myself used it for a friend of mine. Posting information about it was a good initiative from your end bro! Kudos!

    • Bharath Reddy

      ye sam our Army is doing a WONDERFUL JOB saving people life’s. well actually it wasn’t my idea of sharing this information. It was a friend of mine @ appi ( funny name :P )