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Film news that is not merely hearsay and movie pics that are not just voyeurism….That’s what EverydayPopcorn.Com offers. Like the way the film news is presented in a crisp manner. Movie stills, photo galleries, pressers, trailors and filmi gupshup… everything you want on films is out there in EverydayPopcorn.

Amazing clarity, great resolution and eye-pleasing layout! Like the way layout is done. It is uncluttered and the whole basket of info is on offer. Also, the infinite scrolling is quite good. I feel this website is different from the rest of the pack. It’s a must-read for me every morning

Everyday Popcorn is not just popcorn. It is food for thought too. The political issues are carefully chosen and the treatment of the subject is quite good. Kudos to Team Everyday Popcorn. I wish from Everyday Popcorn, you should not aim at becoming Every-moment Popcorn.

This website is bilingual. It helps me keep in touch with what’s happening in AP despite being separated by thousands of miles. Your info on art and culture, social life and other issues is truly inspiring. Thank you Everyday Popcorn. You are helping me to stay connected to AP.

Many of your political predictions have come out to be true. I feel the writeups on political developments are not just interesting, they are informative too. Keep up the good work. Expecting bigger things from Team Everyday Popcorn. Your film coverage is amazing and is strikingly different from the others.

Unlike other website screens, yours is refreshingly different. The screen is very clean and uncluttered. It’s like a perfect south Indian thali. If politics is rice, social issue coverage is dal. The film news is spice and the beautiful visuals are the perfect garnishing. Looking forward to more film reviews.

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No one covers the filmi events the way you do. Other websites rehash what has already appeared in newspapers and TV channels. Your coverage of films is as it happens. You give the very latest in the very best format. The writeups are not too long, nor too short. They are like a miniskirt, which shows what is to be shown and hides what is to be hidden. Quite teasers they are…..

Everydaypopcorn.com is user-friendly. Thanks for keeping the reader or viewer comfort above all. The clarity is amazing. Must say you are true professionals. Great commitment and good effort… Keep it up.

You are doing a GREAT JOB. Technical superiority, exquisite presentation and delectable formatting… The first ever visit to your website has made me your die-hard fan. Here is my advice to pals… Like Everydaypopcorn.com. just press like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like…


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  • Alpha

    nice review dude and the video was too good. I have seen the launch stills when I search in Google..It seems to be a new website yes? Good luck to Everydaypopcorn team.

    • http://www.bharathreddy.info/ Bharath Reddy

      where have you been mf? long time..